Les instruks: Hvordan man kan legge informajon her

Videon viser hvordan du kan legge informasjon

Dear everybody!

You can now send us information about you through this page. We have divided the posts in three categories: 1) profile , 2) activities during the last few years and 3) present activities.

The way to send post here is easy. Go to Home page. On the righthand side box write a title name for the post; click on the visual editor button and thus open the editor window. Write your text or copy it from word and paste it . If you want to add image or video, upload them from your computer (if you need help see the video underneath). After adding text and photo and media files choose the category from the drop-down list under which the post should be categorized. If you wish to add a sub-category under a category just create it and the post will belong to that.

 Finally click post to add it in this site.

 It is pretty staright forward. However, if you face any problem let me know.





This browser does not support flash! You can download the video instead.

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